Market Intelligence

One of EPC’s core missions is to develop the understanding of the fast growing pellet market at EU level. In 2015, wood pellet consumption in the EU-28 reached 20,3 million tonnes which represented 6% of total solid biomass used in Europe. In contrast with other parts of the world where pellet consumption has stagnated or decreased, pellet consumption increased in the EU-28 both in terms of production and consumption. As an example, despite mild winters and low oil prices, the wood pellet production in the EU-28 grew by 4,7% between 2014 and 2015. On the other hand, EU-28 pellet consumption increased by 7,8% on the same period.

Find more information and statistics from the 2016 Edition HERE.

Another way for EPC to inform and grow the understanding toward the EU pellet market is to organise regular conferences and workshops. You will find the list of all events related to wood pellets by referring to the event section of this website, as well as those organised by EPC or with which EPC partners.