In order to represent the interests of the European wood pellet market players at EU level, The European Pellet Council (EPC) has been assigned 4 priority missions since its debut in 2010:

  • To promote, deepen and disseminate the knowledge concerning the use of wood pellets for energy, from scientific, technological, economic, sociological, legal and political perspectives, as well as in any other aspect having a relevance at European level;
  • To advocate to EU decision-makers the opportunities and concerns regarding the development of bioenergy in Europe;
  • To develop the technical quality of the pellet sector, including its use in appliances, its storage and safety.
  • To foster any initiative at national and international level aimed at improving market intelligence around the pellet business and to abolish any technical or trade barriers which hamper the development of an open pellet market at European level.

To answer these 4 key priorities, The European Pellet Council, together with its parent association, AEBIOM, takes action in these various areas. Learn more about it by referring to the following sections: