4th ENplus auditors workshop in Vienna

“ENplus” scheme brings together sector professionals at Holzforschung Austria in Vienna. The recent ENplus auditors’ workshop – the fourth of its kind – held in Vienna this November 29th at the premises of Holzforschung Austria (HFA) brought together several sector professionals to discuss upcoming challenges in pellet quality standards.

The aim of such workshops is to facilitate the professional exchange between ENplus auditors to guarantee comparable and high quality standards for controls. Important future improvements for the ENplus Handbook (at its 3rd version since August 2015), the official document detailing all quality requirements for pellet producers and traders that wish to certify, have been discussed and the main priorities for 2017 have been identified. Practical recommendations from auditors active in the field are valuable input for the European Pellet Council to improve future requirements.

The company hosting the event, Holzforschung Austria, operates a pilot biomass plant that pioneers pelletizing technologies and is deeply involved in research & development activities. All participants had a chance to see the plant in person at a field trip that closed the event on the notes of innovation and continuous improvement.

Photo © Holzforschung Austria: Participants of the 4th ENplus Auditors Workshop at Holzforschung Austria in Vienna